Pocket Bowies


Currently we are taking orders for these inexpensive, China-made “Pocket Bowies.” Each knife is 6 1/4″ inches overall with a 3″ stainless steel Bowie lade. Full tang. Black pakkawood handles. Each knife comes with a handmade Kydex sheath (crafted by yours truly) as shown here.

These knives are “rattlers.” The handles often rattle due to imprecise fit at the Chinese factory where the blades are produced. (I make the sheaths here in the USA.) The rattle is normal and should not be cause for concern. These are very inexpensive for a Kydex rig and are intended to be thrown away when necessary, such as when you must give up your knife at a security checkpoint. The friction fit of the Kydex should keep it from rattling loudly, if at all. My personal Pocket Bowie rattles and this has never interfered with its function.

To get your Pocket Bowie, make your PayPal payment to phil@philelmore.com and indicate both the items you are buying and your shipping address in the note field. ConUS shipping only; absolutely no Canadian or other international sales at this price.