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Pocket Bowie with Paracord Belt Loop……….$24.95 Shipped

Pocket Bowie with Horizontal Belt Strap……….$34.95  Shipped

Disposable Neck Knife Package……….$16.64 Shipped

Additional Folding Knives for Disposable Package, No Sheath……….$4.95 Additional

Victorinox Bird’s Beak Tactical Fruit Knife.………$26.95 Shipped

Disposable Drawpoint Knife Package……….$26.95 Shipped

Ghetto Pikal Package (Top Edge Not Sharpened)……….$24.95 Shipped

Full-Size Chinese Fighting Knife with Kydex Sheath……….$29.95 Shipped

Twin Chinese Fighting Knives with Shoulder Harness…………$69.95 Shipped

Pocket Bowie

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Our signature product is the Chinese-made “Pocket Bowie.” Each knife is 6 1/4″ inches overall with a 3″ stainless steel Bowie lade. Full tang. Black pakkawood handles. Each knife comes with a handmade Kydex sheath (crafted by yours truly) as shown here. We ship it with a simple paracord belt loop, but if you want to buy a belt strap as shown in the photos, just pay a little extra as listed above.

These knives are “rattlers.” The handles often rattle due to imprecise fit at the Chinese factory where the blades are produced. (I make the sheaths here in the USA.) The rattle is normal and should not be cause for concern. These are very inexpensive for a Kydex rig and are intended to be thrown away when necessary, such as when you must give up your knife at a security checkpoint. The friction fit of the Kydex should keep it from rattling loudly, if at all. My personal Pocket Bowie rattles and this has never interfered with its function.

Disposable Neck Knife Package

20170706_110032 20170705_190924 20170706_122216

Our disposable neck knife package is a Chinese clone similar in size (but vastly inferior in quality) to a Spyderco Delica. Knives measure 6.53 x 1.57 x .63-inches. Serrated blade. We add thumb rest notches and clad it in a Kydex neck sheath that is as simple as possible. The neck cord is gutted paracord with slip knots tied in it, so that if someone pulls on it, it gets longer (making it difficult for someone to choke you with it, or for you to choke yourself accidentally).

The neck cord fits up inside the fold of the Kydex, the knife goes inside that, and the whole thing can be discarded simply and easily. These are perfect for those environments where you’re not sure if your knife will be allowed past a checkpoint or through a doorway — if you have to throw it away, you’re out less than twenty bucks. We’ll gladly sell you a new one.

Victorinox Bird’s Beak Tactical Fruit Knife Package


This is a Victorinox bird’s beak fruit knife as popularized by Zulu Bravo Kydex, Ed’s Manifesto, and others. I take the knife and add my own small Kydex sheath to it. The whole thing is great for Pikal knife fighting and other tactical and utility tasks that come up. It’s unobtrusive and can be thrown away. Plus, you can buy the knife almost anywhere, so you could conceivably travel with just the sheath. 2-1/2 inch stainless blade with a black Nylon handle. Knife made in Switzerland; sheath made right here in the USA by me. If you have to throw it away, I’ll gladly sell you another.

Disposable Drawpoint Package

19554804_665066923703009_5761800220893079870_n 19260265_665066933703008_4076159519075341873_n

Our Disposable Drawpoint Package, inspired by the work of James Keating and Shawn’s Tactical Specialty, is a Benchmark BMK0225 with handmade Kydex sheath and paracord IWB belt loop. Perfect for a fast reverse grip draw and strike for self-defense.

  • 7-1/2 inch overall
  • 3-1/4 inch stainless blade
  • Black micarta handles
  • Lanyard hole

If you find yourself at a security checkpoint where they won’t let you in with your knife, no problem; cut the paracord straps free with the blade and then throw the whole thing in the trash. We’ll gladly sell you another.

Ghetto Pikal Package

19884222_671690863040615_6390066590838975208_n 19884208_671690846373950_6810592363828257345_n 20046325_10212805282583407_1797325379771502892_n

Our Ghetto Pikal package is a Chinese-made Sharpfinger clone with a Kydex sheath. This was a specific request from our customers who sharpen a second edge on the back of the blade. Sold to you without the second edge to keep it nice and legal, but with a Kydex carry package that will serve you well. Best of all, the whole thing is disposable. 7 inches overall, 3.25″ blade. Pakkawood handles. These ship with paracord straps so you can wear it horizontally on your belt to the right (or left) of your belt buckle, where it’s most easily accessible under an untucked shirt. If you find yourself at a security checkpoint where they won’t let you in with your knife, no problem; cut the paracord straps free with the blade and then throw the whole thing in the trash. We’ll gladly sell you another.

Full Size Chinese Fighting Knife

19437746_665068490369519_5038388940785107457_n 19429952_665068520369516_4322403940776721191_n 17799309_10211881272523733_6228960733061188238_n

This is a Chinese fixed blade with beautiful Pakkawood handles and a mirror-polished stainless steel blade, with handmade Kydex sheath and paracord IWB belt loop. Available either as a single knife, or even in a dual shoulder holster version. 9.5 inches overall with a 4.75 blade. This is a serious fighting knife that won’t break the bank if you have to toss it while some disapproving security guard looks on. We’ll happily sell you another.