Would you like a way to carry an expression of your political beliefs everywhere you go? Mean Street Graphix and I have put together an initial run of TEN custom poker chips. These are nice, heavy composite chips with images on both sides. They express a variety of right-of-center conservative or libertarian viewpoints. A set of one each of all ten will cost you $34.95 (I’ll pay to ship them to you). LIMITED QUANTITIES!


Triggerchips 10-Chip Set……….$34.95 Shipped

Tell everybody how you feel these politically correct days. Each set of ten includes…

  • NOPE: Disagreeing With You Does Not Make Me A N*zi/Racist
  • I Club Hippies
  • MAGA/Trump
  • Stand For Your Country/Kneel For Someone Else’s
  • There Is No White Privilege/There Is Only Hard Work
  • There Are Two Genders
  • Gun Owner/You May Hate Or Fear Me Accordingly
  • Antifa Sucks/Free Speech
  • F*ck Your Pronouns/F*ck Your Safe Space
  • Your Feelings Don’t Matter/Suck It Up, Buttercup