More than once we’ve received messages from customers who would like to know how to carry their new “tactical fruit knife.” The pocket hook sheath is designed so that you can carry the knife in your right front pocket and just draw the knife from the sheath with one hand (using the pocket as leverage against the hook).

However, some customers (myself included) attach a lanyard to the pocket hook sheath as shown.


The lanyard can then be looped through the belt. The idea is that when you draw the knife from your pocket, the sheath will stay connected to the belt as the knife comes free. The sheath will hang by your side while you use your knife.


If you’re not comfortable with pocket carry, you can also rig up a horizontal belt loop using your sheath’s grommets and some paracord or other line. Loop the paracord through as shown and then tie it off.


Make sure the loop is wide enough to accommodate your belt.


If you mount the knife horizontally on your strong side, you’ll find you can put your hand on it and draw it into exactly the right position.


Good luck out there! One customer told us that learning about knives was like “drinking from a firehose.” We’ve been doing this for two and a half decades (and counting) and couldn’t agree more.